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SomeBuddy is a Platform that enables finding the right therapist and treatment method.

Filling a unique form will lead the users to the best match that suits their mental health .

My Role

Redesign the mobile app home page.
It  was exciting to take a design challenge of a new UX solution, while maintaining the current UI.

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The Challenge

Redesign the home page from a content oriented to a functional platform of matching. 

The Solution

Emphasize the company IP, the questionnaire.
Enable the user to find the perfect match in the optimal way.
To promote access for new therapists to sign up. 

Call to action

The questionnaire button needed to be encourage the user fill out the questionnaire.

It will help the user to identify his specific difficulty and understand which is the most suitable therapist.

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Search for
a therapist

A database that offers a selection of therapists from diverse worlds of knowledge and education.  The section will represent detailed, accurate and reliable information on the various professions.


Bring the therapist to the front

Reordering the page layout. I created a comfortable and fast user experience to emphasize the professional therapists.

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