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Ofek Naor

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Ofek Naor


UX UI | Branding

Project Deliverables

Responsive Website | Branding


Figma | illustrator | Photoshop


"Ofek Naor" company specializes in custom wood and metal works, mainly for the private sector.

I designed a website that represents a local company selling custom made designs.
A Business website that follows the company's goal for combining the handcrafting process with high-tech planning and execution, giving a broad service envelope.

The Challenge

Designing a business website for custom made wood and metal work, that will reflect the company's design style and expertise. 
The company is proud of combining craftsman work using modern technologies methods.

The Solution

In this design I created a pleasant, comfortable and fast user experience,  emphasizing the compan's handcraft work and methods.

Keep it alive

The company is constantly working on new beautiful projects but the owner doesn't have the time to update the website photos. 
“FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM” Section with live updated gallery has given a primary space.
The client can easily take a picture of a new project while working on site. It will update simultaneously both Instagram and the website.
Keeping the website alive will attract more traffic.

Custom Made

I sketched an eye catching image at the background of the “Working Process” section. This will emphasize the company's advantage of providing custom made products and projects simulation.

Talented Staff

The company is proud of a local steady handcrafted professional workers.


Target Audience

Architects and private sector clients seeking for a high quality with accuracy execution, professional hand made and elegant design style.



Color palette

I chose a palette of colors that would combine the country style with a modern elegant feel and have a complementary color context.
color palette.png
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